LeBron playing for more than titles, MVP awards: 'I want it all!'

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LeBron playing for more than titles, MVP awards: 'I want it all!'


Wael Saghir

36m ago

Andy Lyons / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Age ain’t nothing but a number. At least, that’s the case for LeBron James, whose battle with Father Time is going counter-clockwise.

Two months into his 15th season, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar is putting up numbers comparable to his best years in the league, and his name is still mentioned among the top two or three in MVP discussions.

“Team success is always the number one. But along the way, if you’re able to accomplish some individual awards, individual achievements, it would mean a lot,” James told reporters Saturday when asked about the possibility of winning another MVP award, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

James is averaging more points, rebounds, and assists this season than he has in his career. He’s shooting more efficiently, as well, with a career-high true shooting percentage of 65.9.

Season PTS FG% 3P% REB AST
2017-18 28.1 57.8 41.1 8.3 9.1
Career 27.2 50.3 34.4 7.3 7.1

“I feel good,” James said. “This is my 15th year, but this is one of the best years I’ve had as far as how I feel, and I want to continue that. I want to kind of try to break the mold for the next generation. So just take the narrative out of, ‘OK, you’re past your prime when you get (to) 31, or you’re past your prime in your 12th year in the league,’ or whatever the case may be.”

James is the only player older than 30 to average more than 25 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists. He’s done it twice, providing a blueprint for future generations.

“Hopefully, I can break the mold so when the next guy comes, he can still get 200 or 300 million and be 33 years old. I’m serious. You guys are laughing, I’m serious. This is the mold I’m trying to break. It’s not just about me, it’s for the next crew as well … I’ll be 33 in 15 days. This is my 15th season, and this is the best I’ve felt in my career. I want it all!”

– With h/t to Bleacher Report